Hair Masks: Which one to choose?

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hair-maskOften we brush our hair or look at them in the mirror and feel like they are missing something! We are wondering how we could be every day as if we were just getting out of the hairdresser and if it is our fault or our bad genes to blame. Things would be much simpler if we put hair masks in our lives!

What is a hair mask?

In fact, these are mini therapies designed to rejuvenate our hair and give them what they lack. They usually consist of nutrients and oils, but depending on the type of hair and the need they are trying to cover, they are enriched with the right ingredients!

Why is it necessary?

Our hair is one of the few things on us that is constantly exposed to the outside world. Sun, wind, cold, heat, rain, are only some weather conditions that our hair faces on a daily basis. Add to this the daily stress and hassle of a variety of styling, straightening and hair scissors and you have the main reasons why a hair mask is often desperately needed! If we add to the above the nutritional deficiencies that many modern women have today, the list is complete!

Depending on the type or the needs of the hair, there is also the right hair mask to choose from. So we have:

Moisturizing Hair Masks

One of the main reasons one is looking for a hair mask is usually hydration. Especially if you have dry hair that needs extra nourishment and care, a moisturizing mask is a good option for strengthening hair. They usually contain vegetable oils, such as olive oil or coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, honey, etc.

Hair repairing masks

Some hair is quite damaged. Usually after an excursion to snow or exotic beaches, we notice that the weather has affected our hair as well. Other times we go through periods of persistence with our hair styling, resulting in slow and steady damage.

At such times the need for a hair repairing mask is imperative. They usually contain ingredients such as keratin, provitamin B5, ceramidia, silica, cereal proteins such as quinoa, oats, etc.

Hair masks for hair loss

In fact these are natural oils, which are traditionally used to strengthen the hair. The most popular are olive oil, laurel oil, rosemary and castor oil!

Hair masks for dyed hair

Those who dye their hair know better than anyone that maintaining color is a real challenge! So a weekly hair mask for dyed hair is really essential. It will brighten the color and give shine to your hair. They usually contain vegetable oils such as sunflower oil and antioxidant vitamins eg Vitamin E, which protect the hair from damage.

There are certainly many recipes for homemade hair masks, but there are now many available in the market, even organic hair masks from which you can benefit from nutrients. Find the one that suits you and see your hair rejuvenate. 


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