Gotu kola for cellulite and photoaging!

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gotu kola

Cellulite is a problem that affects many women! And photo-aging one more! Most want to get rid of their presence quickly, looking for ways to get smooth skin from top to toe! How can Gotu kola herb help to this direction and what is its contribution to healthy and shiny skin?

Gotu kola: Properties

Gotu kola or Centella asiatica is a herb used for centuries in Asia, Africa and Oceania. Its healing and anaplastic properties make it effective in small wounds, hypertrophic scars, burns and skin disorders such as psoriasis and scleroderma (1). In addition to these, it is very often used to cellulite treatment, stretch marks and also photoaging!

Gotu kola and Cellulite

Cellulite can occur either because fat cells swell or because of various dysfunctions in the connective tissue, resulting in damage to collagen and elastin fibers. The result is poor microcirculation, accumulation of toxins and difficulty in cellular repair.

Here comes Gotu kola! Thanks to triterpenes, it stimulates collagen synthesis while helping improve microcirculation. Indeed, in a relative study it appeared that taking Gotu kola resulted in a reduction in the diameter of the adipocytes, especially in the gluteofemoral area (1)!

Gotu kola and Photoaging

In cosmetology, Gotu kola is often used as an anti-photoaging agent. The reason is that it stimulates the production of type I collagen, the amount of which on the skin decreases over the years. In a double-blind study of 20 women aged 45-60 years with photo-aged skin, the combination of madecassoside (substance found in Gotu kola) with vitamin C was tested, which was applied topically for six months.

The result was a significant improvement in elasticity, firmness and hydration of the epidermis. In addition, deep and surface wrinkles improved, while skin roughness was reduced (2).

It appears that Gotu kola is a good inducer of collagen expression, while vitamin C which is reduced in the aged skin tissue, stimulates collagen synthesis in fibroblasts (1). So these two ingredients are an ideal combination for remodeling our skin!

Natural Doctor cares for the health of our body and skin with highly specialized nutritional supplements. Natural Doctor Regene is an innovative formula for healthy skin. Here, Gotu kola is combined with zinc and Vitamin C, offering a synergistic effect. 

In Natural Doctor Regene, zinc contributes to normal skin maintaining as well as to normal DNA synthesis. Gotu kola thanks to its properties can help in a healthy skin, as it promotes collagen production and has antioxidant activity(3). Combined with Vitamin C promote normal skin function and give a glowing youthful effect!

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