FOMO: What does it mean and how to deal with social media syndrome?

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How long has it been since you last checked your social media? Do you notice people around leaning over their phones? On the bus, at school, at break, even while waiting for a coffee to go …? The disease of our times according to olders, everyday life according to youngsters and FOMO according to experts!

FOMO: What does it mean?

The acronym FOMO comes from the words Fear Of Missing Out, meaning the fear of losing something, an event or a great chance! It is a very stressful feeling when you think that something much more interesting is happening somewhere else and unfortunately you are losing it! After the outspread of the phenomenon, the word FOMO officially entered the Oxford Dictionary in 2013.

Feelings around FOMO

Although FOMO has been a phenomenon of the last decades, since Marketing evolution, it became greater and greater with the dizzying rise of social media, when constant exposure to the “good” times of others made many feel disadvantageous and convinced that others are having a better time, a better life, more things and generally are doing just fine!

So we enter a process where normal begins to distort as we begin to compare our ordinary lives with highlights of others! Our social media browsing often triggers our curiosity, and without realizing it, we spend hours scrolling on our screens. The result? Some might feel uncomfortable, others might be jealous, we may be in the process of thinking “what do we do in our lives?“, even measuring our happiness over that of others!

And why? To open our phone and face perfect images that are most likely to have been taken many times and even more corrected until their official presentation! And that’s how FOMO comes into our lives! How do we get rid of it? How do we find the balance between real life and social media life?

How do we handle FOMO?

1.We identify the problem

Now that you know what FOMO is, you can observe your emotions and wonder if they coincide with this phenomenon. Perhaps the first and most important step is to admit within you that many of the above really do seem familiar and it is time to regain your balance.

2.A little abstention will help

Social media may have become an essential part of your everyday life or even your job, but proper planning will still help you here. Even if you find it difficult to shut down your phone or computer completely, try to have specific hours devoted to social media instead of  making them the first thing you do in the morning and the last at night before bedtime!

3.Focus properly

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have or experiences you haven’t lived, take a break and think about how much you have in this life and how much you have achieved so far. Be grateful for whatever you have taken for granted and realize their value. The most important? Think about the things that fulfill you and make you happy. Don’t pay as much attention to what others do, but look for what you really want!

4.Sieve your choices

Most social media now gives you the choice to choose what you prefer to see more, what to avoid, whether you want to receive notifications from somewhere or not, and whether or not you want everyone see what you share. So find the benefits of these applications and avoid or block people who create to you anxiety or unpleasant feelings. Prefer to follow people and pages that make you feel good and improve your mood!

So put your cellphone aside, close your eyes and watch what is happening in your life mentally. Remember the beautiful moments because you have them inside you and carry them with you, and not because they are on an artificial profile that everyone has access to. Take a deep breath and live your life the way you want it to!


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