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Sea, sun and salt provide a glowing tan, but they also dehydrate the skin. Even if sunscreens are necessaire to protect the skin, aftersun products are equally important as they take care of the skin.

Aftersun products

For the body

Aftersun products are designed to restore the hydrolipid balance of the skin, soothe skin irritations and optimize tanning. Their composition usually contains ingredients that provide relief, hydration and restore skin moisture, such as aloe, panthenol, yogurt, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, shea butter and vitamin E. Certain aftersun products may contain peptides, lipids, balsam and prebiotics for better nourishment and deeper skin rejuvenation. They offer:

  • Reduction of burning sensation and skin irritation
  • Restoration of skin moisture and elasticity
  • Rejuvenation of dry skin
  • Cool and fresh feeling
  • Longer tanning duration
  • Protection from photoaging

Their rich composition not only restores the skin to the previous condition but also provides additional protection against the oxidative stress created by solar radiation. In the event of sunburn or irritation, aftersun products create a protective film that isolates the affected area and ensures skin moisture, accelerating the natural recovery process.

For hair

Salt and sun dampen the color of the hair, while also dehydrate the scalp. Use moisturizing oils and sun hairspray, which moisturize the hair, creating a hair protection film. They offer deep moisturizing, prevent splitting and maintain the volume and glow of your hair.


  • The skin after the sun is sensitive and dehydrated even if it does not look like it. For this reason, avoid peeling as you will irritate it further.
  • For immediate relief, especially in cases of sunburn, put your aftersun product in the refrigerator.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your body from the inside.


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