Fast and effective sun tanning

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You are ready for your summer excursions but you do not know how to get rid of the white color of your skin. Everybody wants a suntanned body in the summer. Besides, the tan hides any skin imperfection.


Why do we tan?

Tanning is the natural defense of the body against the effects of ultraviolet radiation (oxidative damage, premature photoaging, cellular damage, etc.). The skin in order to protect cells increases the production of melanin by melanocytes and thus acquires this characteristic golden summer color. So how can you tan quickly and safely?

Always use sunscreen

There is a false impression that when we don’t use sunscreen we tan faster. But if you consider the skin damage, the burning and the photoaging effects of sun, then you may reconsider. The SPF index depends on the skin tone. For example, light and sensitive skins should use at least a protection index of 50 SPF, while darker skins may also have lower SPF filters. In any case and in order to prevent the formation of brown spots, you should use sunscreens with a minimum protection of 15 SPF.

Increase your melanin

Proper nutrition and nutrients can help in quick tanning. Foods rich in vitamin A and mainly in β-carotene (provitamin A), which is found in fruits and vegetables such as apricots, carrots, peaches, pumpkin, melon, mango, sweet potatoes, spinach and sprouts Brussels, can increase melanin production in the skin. So, you can find simple recipes and put all the above foods in your daily diet.


Uniform tanning begins with proper skin exfoliation. Do not exfoliate your body if you are already tanned and your skin is dehydrated, as you may remove the surface cells, peel the skin and make stains.

Dive into the sea

You may have noticed that when you dive or swim in the water you can make it easier to tan. This is because water reflects the light and so you tan much faster. Make frequent dives in the sea and let the seawater dry on you. Do not forget to re-apply sunscreen when you go out of the water.

Tanning products

If you’ve done all of the above, and you want to tan even faster, you can only get a tanning product that, thanks to its composition, speeds up tanning, offering a uniform golden look. Usually they are applied above the sunscreen, however, if you want to use them individually, be sure to have at least a low 15 SPF protection index.


Dry and dehydrated skins have an increased need for moisture, as sea salt and sun further dehydrate the skin. So if you want to maintain the beautiful tan, never forget to moisturize your skin with body creams and body butter.

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