Dry Oil: a beauty secret!

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From the ancient years to the present day oils are considered the epitome of care for women and men! From East to West and from wild forests to exotic beaches for centuries now vegetable oils are used for beautiful skin and healthy hair. Olive oil in the Mediterranean, argan oil in Morocco, sesame oil in ancient Egypt and the East, manoi oil in Tahiti: all advocate that oils are an integral part of the beauty field!

However, although oils have had spectacular effects on nourishment and glow, they often left a feeling of greasyness in the face, while some of them may clogged the pores. Here comes dry oil!

Dry Oil: What is it?

When you hear it for the first time, you wonder how an oil – something oily by definition – can be dry! In fact, this term does not refer to the essence itself, but to the way our skin and our hair absorb it. Dry oil is therefore a very light oil that is absorbed directly without leaving grease and giving our skin and hair a wonderful silky look. So, dry oils have all the advantages of vegetable oils but not their disadvantages! Last of all, companies have begun to replace synthetic substances such as mineral oils with vegetable esters and light plant oil extracts.

How we use dry oil?

There are countless ways to use a dry oil as it is ideal for face, body and hair:

  • Heat a few drops in your palms and apply to the face by circulating massage. You can try it instead of night cream, letting it act all night, waking up in the morning again. Alternatively, mix 1-2 drops with your cream for a brighter effect.
  • Apply to fresh skin after shower by massaging the whole body. Feel your elastic, without any pull, with a glow that lasts.
  • Mix 1-2 drops in your foundation for a brighter finish.
  • Massage in difficult areas such as elbows and heels for deep hydration. Try also in the nail area.
  • Apply a few drops of on damp or dry hair, avoiding roots and see your hair shine, without frizzing. Perfect choice for well-formed curls!
  • For extra nurishing, use it as a hair mask, leaving it all night wrapped in a warm towel. Ideal move if the next day you plan to colour your hair!
  • Amazing product for summer as you can always have it with you for face, body and hair hydration! Excellent choice after pool or the sea.
  • For body massage, if you don’t like the oily textures that classic oils have. In addition you can add 1-2 drops of essential oil of your choice, so you can create your own massage oil!
  • Add a few drops to your shower gel for smoother skin and silky texture.


Oil with Glitter?

It is here to stay! The new trend is the dry iridescent oil that usually has a special summer aroma and makes its followers swear to it! Try it and see your skin get a wonderful discreet glow making you irresistible in both summer and winter!!!


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