Vita News: Turmeric can improve memory and mood

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Curcuma or otherwise known as turmeric is a plant that grows mainly in Asia and is called Curcuma longa. It is a traditional spice of Indian cuisine, and has been used as a medicine according to Ayurvedic practices but also as a coloring compound because of its intense yellow color.

The main active compound of turmeric is curcuminoids, a group of compounds, while curcumin is considered the main representative. Turmeric is known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. For this reason, it is used to treat mainly musculoskeletal pains as well as a digestive aid.

Recent studies have revealed that curcumin appears to have multiple health benefits, especially for the brain. According to a recent study of American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, daily intake of curcumin (~ 90mg, twice a day) can significantly ameliorate both memory and mood. People in India have a significantly lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and much better cognitive function and mood, which was attributed to the systematic taking of turmeric.

Both depression and Alzheimer’s disease are characterized by intense brain inflammation. In particular, subjects who have received curcumin significantly improved their memory and concentration, and there was a significant improvement of mood.

The above discovery opens up new horizons both in neurology and psychiatry, although it is not yet clear whether curcumin can prevent or cure mental and neurological diseases. The only sure thing is that taking curcumin is safe and beneficial for your health.


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