Black circles under the eyes: how they leave!

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Dark circles under the eyes affect not only several women but also men. Most often, the cycles appear after fatigue and sleepless nights, but there may be other reasons.

One cause of dark circles may be melanin deposition (periocular hyperpigmentation) after an allergy or inflammation. Melanin deposition may be inherited, but people without heredity can cause dark circles because they are used to rubbing their eyes. The skin under the eyes is very thin and the constant rubbing causes redness and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in people with allergies.

In some women with photosensitive eyes and tears, the tears, which are acidic, may react due to sunlight and cause photodermatitis by changing the color under the eyes – something like a pimple on the eye. Other types of allergies can cause lymphatic congestion – the lymph stagnates – and this causes swelling under the eye, exacerbating dark circles.

Dark circles have nothing to do with bags under the eyes – which are due to fat prolapse – but sometimes some bags that form create shading that may look like a dark circle.

Skin color can become darker under the eyes because the fat in the area has been reduced. In this case, the light penetrates the skin and makes the vessels more visible, giving a light blue or purple color.

Also, frequent application of eye drops can cause dryness in the area and the appearance of dark circles.

If dark circles appear all of a sudden, you should check with your doctor to see if they are a symptom of a condition. Sometimes dark circles can occur if you have iron deficiency anaemia, that is, a lack of iron in your diet. Thyroid problems can also cause discoloration under the eyes.

What to do if you have dark circles

1. Do not rub your eyes and avoid dust and pollen if you have respiratory allergies. Eye rubbing can damage the capillaries in the area.

2. Do not smoke and limit alcohol. Smoking and alcohol thin the skin.

3. Excessive sun exposure also darkens the skin, so wear sunglasses that protect the skin from the sun’s rays.

4. Use sunscreen during winter-summer

5. Drink plenty of water and follow a moisturizing diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. You can also externally moisturize the area using some natural remedies such as e.g. rose water.

6. Try to sleep on your back as lymphatic congestion under the eyes may be due to sleep deprivation.

Use eye cream

Regardless of the cause of dark circles, the use of special creams that activate blood circulation and the lymphatic system can significantly help improve the image.

Because the eye area has fewer sebaceous and sweat glands, you need good hydration and good eye cream. The right cream is the one that does not make the eye heavy and does not give a feeling of pulling – there are samples of the various creams so a woman can understand which one suits her.

Note that sometimes some wrinkles under the eyes may be due to the concealer and the make-up of which the talcum powder dehydrates the area. This creates wrinkles – these are not wrinkles – because the area has been dehydrated by the concealer. Use a good eye cream before makeup and as much as possible without concealer. Makeup removal should be done properly, not in a hurry and not with inappropriate wipes that can injure the area.

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