Athletes and sunscreens

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Sun protection and sunscreens are the first and foremost concern during the summer. But what happens to people who are exercising outdoor during summer? Are there any special sunscreen products that an athlete should prefer?


Sports and Sun Protection

According to studies, athletes who train outdoors have very high exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Compared with non-athletes, sun exposure is much greater and thus requires much better protection. The reason is that outdoor training usually takes place in the morning and/or afternoon, while there are no other sun protection means, such as umbrella, hats etc.


The musts of a sport sunscreen

The most important characteristics of a sunscreen for athletes are:

  • Wide protection against ultraviolet radiation (UVA / UVB)
  • High to very high protection, the minimum SPF30
  • A waterproof composition that lasts
  • Resistant to perspiration without affecting performance
  • Do not run and tingle the eyes
  • It can be applied even on wet/sweaty skin
  • Protect the sensitive area of the eyes
  • Easy to apply
  • Do not have an oily composition


Types of sunscreen for athletes

Sunscreen spray

Sunscreens that are in the form of sprays provide much better application, do not require spreading by the hand and can be used more directly. They are more absorbent and their texture is not sticky.

Wet sunscreens

Sunscreen products that can be applied even on wet or sweaty skin. They do not leave white marks and their composition does not allow sand and clothing to stick to the skin, even if the skin is wet. Ideal for people whose activities have to do with water or even over-sweating.

Sunscreens in sticks

They are easy to carry and apply. They are usually intended for the face and are suitable even for the sensitive areas of eyes and lips. They do not run into the eyes and they do not cause tears.

Sunscreens for face and body

Face and body sunscreens are ideal for those who do not have the ability to carry a lot of things with them or there is space limitation. They can be applied to both body and face, they are not greasy and do not irritate the sensitive area around the eyes.


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