Arnica, the natural solution for bruises and swelling

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Arnica is a herb, which grows primarily in Europe, as well as in temperate regions of North America. The plant is used in creams and homeopathic remedies to treat pain and bruises.


Arnica’s action

The main active ingredient of Arnica is sesquiterpene lactones. They have anti-inflammatory properties and inhibit the action of enzymes involved in inflammatory processes such as those leading to joint degeneration and cartilage destruction (osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis).


Properties of Arnica

Thanks to the above properties, Arnica extract is used to treat bruises, arthritis and edema. It acts like a painkiller and reduces edema. It is available in gel or cream form for external application.


Arnica is the traditional medicine to deal with bruises and injuries. In the event of a fall or wound injury, some skin vessels break and cause skin discoloration. Arnica speeds up the process of healing and repairing tissues, reducing bruising and pain faster.


Arnica has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces edema caused by sprains and fractures. It is often used postoperatively to speed up tissue recovery of swollen wounds.

Pain Relief

Arnica’s anti-inflammatory action not only reduces swelling but also pain. It is a herb with painkiller action, thus it is used in traumas or arthritic pain.


Laboratory studies have shown that Arnica has antibacterial properties and powerful anti-inflammatory effects. Studies in humans have shown that frequent application of Arnica gel, 2 times a day for about 3 weeks significantly reduced joint pain (arms and knees) while significantly improved joint mobility in cases of osteoarthritis.

Muscular injuries

Arnica can also be used to speed up wound repair of soft tissues. According to studies, frequent application of arnica gels leads to faster tissue repair. Ideal for use in sports.



Arnica gels or creams should not be used by people allergic to plants of the Asteraceae family, as they may cause dermatitis and irritation. In addition, it should not be applied to open wounds.


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