Activated Carbon: 1000 + 1 Uses!

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Recently, more and more products are based on activated carbon. Most of us know the black beauty masks that have become a must for a clean face, but in fact its use has been started much earlier. What is activated carbon and where is it used?

Activated Carbon: What is it?

Activated carbon is a black powder produced by pyrolysis of organic materials of plant origin such as coconut shell, bamboo, sugar cane, wood, olive kernels, etc. After specific process and enriching with oxygen, its surface increases, resulting in an excellent ability to absorb and remove toxins. For this reason it is recommended for both internal and external use.

Detox with activated carbon

Activated charcoal, thanks to its ability to absorb instantly like a sponge chemicals and toxins, is particularly effective in cases of poisoning. That is why it’s used in hospitals in such situations. You can also find it in pharmacies in a pill form or as a dietary supplement. By staying in our intestine it absorbs toxins, pesticides and dangerous bacteria, saving us from an undesirable digestive disorder.

Swelling and Indigestion

Its adsorption capacity makes charcoal ideal for bloating, indigestion and other gastrointestinal disorders as it absorbs the gasses that accumulate in the intestine. As a matter of fact, in this case it has a double action, because apart from the gases, it also absorbs the dangerous bacteria that come from them. Thus, many digestive disorders such as abdominal pains, cramps, drums and so on are treated.

Active Carbon for clean skin!

In Asia, activated charcoal has been used for centuries in beauty rites. In Western countries it became popular in recent years. It absorbs sebum, dust and dirt from the skin, making it ideal for grease and acne, and helps tighten up pores. We can find a black carbon mask, facial cleansing soaps or activated carbon creams very easily.

In addition to face care products, activated charcoal is also present in many hair products. It cleanses deeply the scalp and removes sebum and grease. You will find it in shampoos, softener creams and dry shampoos.

Black charcoal for white smile?

Oh yes! Most people in the view of a black toothpaste may resent, but those who have tried it let the truth shine along with their teeth! Activated charcoal removes stains from the teeth with great success, giving us a bright smile and white teeth! Look for the word charcoal or carbon on the toothpaste box.

It’s everywhere!

From the jugs and bottles with activated charcoal filters to the fancy ice cream with black color, the activated carbon is now everywhere around us. We should be careful in case we often consume black food or take charcoal pills for detox or indigestion, as together with toxins, activated carbon also absorbs beneficial substances e.g. vitamins or therapeutic substances from a medication we may receive. This is why it is recommended to take it at least 2 hours away from a drug. Also, it is not for a long-term use.

So try activated carbon and you will not be disappointed. See your face and smile shine and put a carbon pill in your home’s pharmacy just in case!

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