A guide for soft skin on face and body!

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All too often, we find ourselves looking at the mirror and wondering how our skin has changed! Sometimes due to weather changes, we notice very dry skin on our hands, body, and lips. Those who are involved in outdoor sports are quickly realizing the effect of air, sun and cold on their skin!

So what can we do to get a smooth skin on face and body? Is it time consuming or can it be done with small daily habits?

The truth is that a healthy skin doesn’t need too many products, but the right steps! We may at first think that they are stealing our time, but in reality it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. As soon as we get used to them and become part of our ritual, the movements will almost automatically happen!

Proper cleansing and exfoliation

Perhaps the most important step for a healthy skin is a good cleanser. Both in the morning and at night before we go to bed, cleaning our face with a product suitable for our skin type is the key to success!

As far as our body is concerned, even choosing the right shower gel can make a noticeable difference to the texture of the skin. Choose a cream shower, that you can apply directly on the skin by gently massaging and then rinse with water. You will feel your skin hydrated, without feeling dehydrated.

Exfoliating with a scrub on the other is a process that is good to do once or twice a week, as it removes dead cells and gives way to new ones. The result? Skin rejuvenates and becomes softer and smoother from the first moment! Make sure to exfoliate both your face and your body frequently.

Moisturizing cream

Soft skin means moisturized skin! A moisturizing cream is the next step after cleansing. It is very important to hydrate immediately afterwards and not allow hours to pass as the skin may become dehydrated. Choose a face cream to suit your needs and apply it with gentle, rather than abrupt, movements. Follow upward movements from the chin to the temples and from the center of the face outward, so as not to overload the lymph.

The same is true with our body, as it is best to hydrate immediately after bathing while the body is still wet and can “lock” moisture . There are countless moisturizing body lotions with wonderful scents that will make you feel good! If your skin is very dry, choose a body butter that has a thicker texture.

Moisturizing mask

A face mask is a small gift to our skin! Once or twice a week, apply a moisturizing mask and look for ingredients such as aloe vera, honey, hyaluronic acid, prickly pear, cucumber, avocado and vegetable oils. You will feel your skin extremely soft and refreshed.

For soft hair

Many may be content with shampooing their hair, but conditioner is essential after every shampooing as it closes hair scales! So, the hair is soft and easy to comb.

Indeed, for those suffering from unruly hair, there are plenty of moisturizing oils for the ends of the hair, as well as special serums that do not want to rinse and keep the hair soft all day long. Also, a weekly hair mask will help in this case too.

So treat your skin as it deserves, from top to toe. Find what suits you and feel good about doing it for you!

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