Ginkgo biloba: the herb for good memory!

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Suddenly, you came to an age that you start to forget. You arrive at the super-market and wish you had made a list; you open the fridge wondering what are you doing there…Or you are just a student and after reading day and night you feel you remember nothing! Memory games are a trap that concerns lots of people, but for one more time nature has the solution!

  Ginkgo biloba is a herb well-known for improving memory. It has been used traditionally for centuries to treat blood disorders and enhance thinking and memory. In Europe, Ginkgo has been used widely for treating dementia.

Where does it help?

Some situations, in which ginkgo biloba is used are:

  • Alzheimer and dementia
  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Glaucoma
  • Poor circulation in body (e.g. legs)
  • Depression
  • Sexual performance problems
  • Raynaud’s Syndrome


Ginkgo and Alzheimer

Studies have shown that ginkgo does improve memory in people with dementia. Additionally in the case of Alzheimer, they found that cognitive behavior becomes better; people have an easier time during their daily activities, less depression feelings and improved social behavior.


Ginkgo and Anxiety

  It seems that ginkgo helps people with generalize anxiety disorder have fewer symptoms. It is also used in mood disturbances and depression.


How does it work?

  Ginkgo is believed to improve blood circulation, which might help brain, eyes, ears and legs. Furthermore, studies suggest that it may have a protective role in nerve cells that are damaged.

Who shouldn’t get it?

  Although ginkgo biloba does not have side effects, it is not recommended for those who have high blood pressure, bleeding disorders and epilepsy, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Moreover, ginkgo is not suitable for those who use aspirin; diabetic and blood thinning drugs. Finally, you should stop use it before a surgery or a dental procedure in order to avoid extra bleeding.

  Nature is full of surprises and for every health problem has simple solutions to suggest. Nowadays Ginkgo biloba might not be heard from many; but for thousands of years has helped generations to overcome health issues. Today it’s easy to find it in many forms such as dried leaves for tea, supplements, juices or bars. So, let’s boost our memory with ginkgo!


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