Dry skin face? Not any more!

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  Do you use moisturizing creams, but your face is still dry? Do you feel your skin fragile and old? Although time is a difficult enemy, the main cause of wrinkles and dryness is the poor or incorrect hydration of the skin.

  Creams, serums, hydrating masks, sleep masks, there are several types of cosmetics in the market, which makes it difficult to choose which fits you. However, each type of cosmetic has a totally different effect and it should be used in a different way.

Daily gentle face cleaning

   The first and the main step to achieve hydration is to apply cosmetics on a clean and dry face. It is advisable not to use products containing soap as they make the skin even drier. Do not scrub your skin with the cleansing gel and always wash out your face, as the majority of cleansing products dehydrate your skin.

Deep hydration with serum

   If we want to talk about proper hydration, we should start from the inside out. Serums are thin water-soluble liquids that target the deeper layers of the epidermis. They offer hydration, nourishment and shine to the skin. They contain a higher concentration of water-based active ingredients, so we apply less amount. The proper time to apply a serum is directly after the face cleansing when the pores of the skin are still open.

Moisturizing cream

   Hydration, however, is not limited to the deeper layers of skin but also to the epidermis in which there are wrinkles and fine lines Moisturizing creams are a combination of water elements and oils enriched with active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, ceramides, etc.) that restore the hydrolipid balance of the outer layers of the skin. Their texture is more creamy and can not penetrate the skin, thus usually aim to moisturize the upper layers of skin.

Hydrating mask

   Moisturizing masks are the extraordinary care of our skin. They offer intensive hydration by activating the cells. Because of this, they are applied for 20-30 minutes and then removed leaving your skin smooth and soft. They are applied 2-3 times a week or more often in cases of severe dryness in order to restore the skin.


   If the action of your cream is not enough, you can enhance its properties by using a booster. They do not replace either your serum or your face cream, but they simply provide additional properties to your cream and complete the daily care of your face.

Spray water

   Many times skin dryness is caused due to lack of moisture of the environment, which affects hydration levels of the skin. Apply a mineral water spray as often as you need. This will instantly nourish your skin and provide trace elements, by revitalizing your senses.


  • Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day
  • Avoid bathing with very hot water
  • Stop smoking
  • Use mild cleansing products
  • Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Keep the appropriate humidity in the room

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