5 facts about dark eye circles

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dark_circlesOne of the biggest aesthetic problems that many women face is the dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles are a discoloration of the skin under the eyes, that make you look tired.


Definition and causes of dark circles

Dark circles are created when the skin color changes or there is relaxation of the skin under the eyes (lower eyelid). The epidermis in the eye area is very thin, making it particularly sensitive. As the skin is thin, it makes the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes more obvious. Poor blood or lymph circulation, combined with accumulation of fat and toxins under the eyes, leads to the appearance of dark circles. The blue-purple color of the black circles is due to the reflection of light with the skin.


Types of dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes are mainly a hereditary condition. However, various situations or even lifestyle can aggravate the problem, making them even more obvious. Situations related to the appearance of dark circles are lack of sleep, smoking, anxiety, fluid retention, fatigue and thyroid disease.

Dark circles vary according to their color and shape. Changing of the color of the lower eyelid (purple, black, gray, yellow, and brown circles) is usually due to poor blood circulation. However, there are cases where fat accumulation under the eyes (dull black circles) creates a gap with eye contour.


Are dark circles permanent or can they be treated?

How quickly dark circles will recede depends on the skin. Some people, due to fatigue or lack of sleep, have very intense dark circles, while others do not. Whether dark circles are permanent or not, it depends on each person’s heredity.


Aging affects dark circles

Aging usually aggravates the appearance of dark circles. The reason is that when we get older the epidermis under the eyes looses its firmness, because collagen and elastin production is reduced. As a result the skin becomes thinner and the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes become more obvious.


Treatment of dark circles

Eye creams with ingredients that stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system help to improve the appearance of dark circles. In order to further improve the look of dark circles, you should tap the area under the eye with your fingers, when you apply the eye cream. Other treatments are laser, injections or eye peeling. Good and enough sleep, as also, management of stress can help prevent or even treat dark circles.


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