Face masks

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Face masks are one of the most known beauty cosmetics. Depending on the skin’s needs and skin type, there are different facial and eye masks. Below is a brief guide on how to choose the most appropriate mask according to your needs!

Gel Masks

   Masks in gel form have moisturizing, refreshing and relieving properties. With a light texture, they are suitable for normal-mixed skin types, as they do not clog pores. Apart from hydration and depending from the ingredients contained in the mask, gel masks may also have other actions such as anti-aging effects. They act within 10-20 minutes and you need to wash away your skin, after applying it to the skin. Thanks to their soft texture, they can be applied either morning or evening.

Creamy masks

   They are moisturizing masks applied mainly in the evening. They have a rich texture and are suitable for normal to dry, mature and dehydrated skin. They can be applied also as a sleep mask. In the morning you need to rinse your face from any residual mask that has not been absorbed.

Sheet Masks

   They are the quickest and most effective care of your skin. They are disposable and consist of a cotton cloth or small pads, which are impregnated with concentrated active ingredients – serum, which offer a wide range of actions. Bleaching masks, revitalizing and energy masks, black circles pads and anti-aging masks can cover all your skin’s needs within 10 minutes. Their benefit is that they do not require rinsing.

Exfoliating – peel off masks

   If you have oily skin and black pores, then exfoliating masks are your first choice. Masks contain active substances such as lactate, salicylic and glycolic acid, which improve the texture and tone of your skin by activating blood circulation and exfoliating skin pores. They usually have gel form which, when dried, create a matte film on the surface of the skin. By removing the exfoliating mask, pollutants and unnecessary grease are also removed and skin regains its lost shine and energy. You need to let them dry out very well for better results and then to peel them off or wash them away.

Clay masks

   They are among the oldest, known and widely used facial masks. Depending on the type of clay (pink or green), clay masks offer mild to deep facial peeling, have seborrhoeic action and reduce skin greasiness. Suitable for normal, combination to oily skin while they can be used also from acne prone skin. They cause a mild dehydration, so you need to moisturize your skin. Clay masks should be applied for 10-20 minutes once a week.

Night – Sleep Masks

   Night masks are masks with rich texture and composition that aim to deeply moisturize, revitalize and provide energy to your skin. Their action is based on the fact that during the night our skin does not sleep but repairs and reconstructs the epidermis. They are creamy and rich in texture and can offer several other actions along with hydration.

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