Beautiful lips even during winter

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Moisturized and beautiful lips are something that we all admire and desire. During winter lips require proper care in order to retain their young and good-looking shape.


Daily hydration is one of the basic steps of daily lip care. Lips, unlike the rest of the face, do not have sebaceous glands, which makes them brittle and require a shield against air and difficult weather conditions. Proper daily hydration prevents dryness and cracks while nourishing and relieving the skin. There are many moisturizing lipsticks, with or without color, that make your lips soft and hydrated.

Cracks and intense dryness

In case your lips are cracked or dry then you need something more than a simple moisturizing lipstick. In this case, you should choose lip balms which provide more intense and deep moisture. Do not lick your lips, because although you are temporarily relieved, certain substances contained in saliva aggravate irritation and dryness. In very severe cases, you can apply St. John’s wort oil extract directly to your skin or in combination with beeswax, which provides healing properties and helps in rejuvenating the skin of the lips.

Treat fine lines and wrinkles

Smoking, expression wrinkles and environmental pollution are factors that accelerate the aging of the lips and create fine lines and wrinkles. Like the facial skin, lips also need protection against time. Use lip care products with anti-aging substances that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Before applying any lipstick, you need first to moisturize your lips. Most of the lipsticks contain moisturizing compounds, except for long lasting and mat finish lipsticks. In this case, you need to moisturize first your lips and then to apply the lipstick, while it may be needed to re-apply later.  Do not forget to remove makeup, as you do for face and eyes makeup. There are certain face demake-up products that are suitable for application to eyes and lips, too.


Lips renew their cells daily, as rest of skin does. In order to scrub your lips, you do not need any special product but you can either use your face scrub, or a toothbrush or even a wet towel. When using exfoliating products, prefer a mild scrub that removes dead cells without irritating the lips.

Sun protection

Do not forget that the sun even affects the lips, causing premature aging, dehydration and dryness. Take care of your lips and use sunscreen protection, especially during the summer. Some lipsticks provide low protection (SPF 15) for everyday use, while in summer or for those who make water sports, there are lipsticks with higher protection index (SPF 50) for sensitive areas.

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