White teeth for a glowing smile

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glowing and shining smile is something everyone wants. Even if white teeth are beautiful, their white color can hardly be maintained over the years. How can we whiten teeth, protecting them from getting dull and darker?


Oral hygiene

Proper oral hygiene is the most important step for white and shiny teeth. Daily brushing and use of dental floss are required in order to eliminate food and bacterial residues that create plaque and so the teeth look more dull and darker.You can ideally use an electric toothbrush which, thanks to the rotary movements, removes dental plaque more effectively even at the most inaccessible points.


The roll of dentist

Despite the care we offer to our teeth, cleaning and whitening should be done by a qualified dentist, 1-2 times a year and according to the needs of each person. The result lasts longer than the whitening products we use in our home.


Food and habits

One of the main reasons that teeth become yellow are the various dyes and acids contained in food, drinks and daily habits, like coffee and smoking. Additionally, several fruits like lemon, strawberries and oranges, because of the citric acid they contain, they destroy the enamel, the outer shell of tooth. Drink plenty of water along with these foods, quit smoking or even better, wash your teeth directly after eating them.


Homemade whitening recipes

Cooking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and hydrogen peroxide are common tooth whitening techniques, based on changing the acidity of the mouth. However, it is worth noting that most bleaching products in market contain them. It would be preferable to choose a whitening kit that gives the right proportion of ingredients to achieve white teeth, without damaging enamel and / or cause gum irritation.


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