5+1 Snack ideas for children on the beach

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Are you preparing for your summer excursions and wondering what is the most delicious and healthy snack for your child on the beach? The solution is easier than you may imagine and does not necessarily require you to cook all day in order to satisfy the hunger and your child’s needs. Check out 6 ideas for food by the sea.

Fruit and vegetables

The summer has abundant fruits and vegetables of all kinds. Emphasize the variety of colors. Make fruit (eg strawberries, apricots, nectarines) and vegetable straws (eg carrot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber) and let your child choose what to eat, while learning the value of the variety, vitamins and all the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Nuts and dried fruits

If you do not have fresh fruits and vegetables, then there is always the choice of nuts and dried fruits to make your own blend. Rich in vitamins, fibers and good fat, they will provide energy to your child, while at the same time they are a highly nutritious choice. Choose the unsalted nuts and the dried fruits without any additional sugar.

Cereal bars

Easy, practical, nutritious and full of energy for young and old. If you like cooking, find easy recipes for bars that do not need to be baked and cook them in just a few minutes. It is advisable to avoid chocolate bars on the beach as it melts and is not so practical unless you have a portable refrigerator with you. If you do not have time or appetite for cooking, there are many choices in healthy homemade bars sugar-free on the market.

Bread, biscuits and rice cakes

They are easy solutions for those who did not plan to have anything else in their refrigerator. They are energy-efficient and available in different flavors depending on your child’s tastes. They are easy to carry, they do not require a refrigerator and are a choice that can easily find. Emphasize on products without sugar and low in salt and saturated fat.

Egg or cheese with bread

If the aforementioned snacks are not enough or you want to have a small meal substitute, you can boil eggs or even get individual packs of cheeses. Accompany them with bread, crackers or breadcrumbs for convenience and greater saturation.

Homemade popcorn

You can also make homemade popcorn to your child, as they are healthy and easy to make. They do not need a refrigerator and your child will be excited.

Do not forget that, kids on the beach most of all want to play and enjoy the sea and the sand games, so it’s up to you to find snacks that will fill them with energy.


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