5 effective products for your baby’s cold!

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kidscoldPerhaps one of the worst fears of new parents is a cold for their babies, and not unjustly! Delicate infancy often does not allow the use of drugs or herbal supplements, and the inability of babies to speak or explain correctly at older age makes it difficult for us to understand exactly where they are bothered.

Of course, first of all you should consider your pediatrician, who as an expert will take care of explaining and solving the problem. But beyond that, we’ve come up with some life-saving options that will help you deal with a cold faster!


Well-known probiotics are suitable for all ages if their dosage is adjusted correctly. Many parents know it as a good option for treating colic in their baby, but they do much more than that. These are good bacteria that balance the microflora in the gut and enhance the body’s defense. You will find them in drops or powder for infants and children.

Baby Ampoules

Known to most parents, baby ampoules with seawater or saline specifically adapted for infant health will help you remove mucus from the nostrils, as well as many pathogenic microorganisms that may have begun to accumulate. This can quickly make your baby’s breathing easier! Most of them are also suitable for ears and eyes, so read their indications carefully.

Chest rub for babies

Yes, there is! Nowadays, baby cosmetics range also include products for better breath. A prime example is the Mustela Soothing Chest Rub, which is a creamy pine fragrance cream suitable even from the first day of birth! Gently massage the baby’s chest and see his breath release. Thanks to its soothing ingredients, your baby will have a restful sleep.

Herbal bath!

Sounds special and sophisticated! It is a baby bath containing soothing agents and herbs, such as thyme, for colds. Take a few drops in your baby’s bath and massage gently. The herbs will soften his skin, his breath will open and he/she will relax before bedtime. Very good choice is Weleda Baby Calendula Bath!

Eucalyptus pathes for breathing

Precious for cold, eucalyptus, is often forbidden at an early age. For this reason, several breath patches containing it are available, which can be attached to a child’s clothes, pillow, or bed, and not on their skin.

The fragrance of their helpful herbs is gradually released to allow the child to sleep undisturbed. Read the instructions carefully and consult your doctor as this may be age-restricted.

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