5 Beauty Masks You Will Love!

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An evening with beauty masks is not a necessary evil, but a rejuvenation ritual that we deserve! Spend some of your time on skin care and you will not regret it. We’ve found 5 amazing beauty masks that promise to give you shine and charm!

Dr. Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask

Proper skin care starts with proper cleansing! Dr. Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask cleanses the skin thoroughly, removes toxins and grease while balancing pH. In addition, it offers bioactive lifting, as it stimulates cell regeneration. It owes its special properties to the biological minerals and marine algae from the Dead Sea it contains! Try it and feel your skin breathe!

Apivita Face Mask Aloe Moisturizing

After a good cleansing, it is time for good hydration. Apivita Face Mask Aloe Moisturizing offers your skin thirst relief thanks to the organic aloe it contains. Jojoba oil nourishes while panthenol and honey extract soothe and leave your skin soft. Water has been replaced with organic green tea for extra antioxidant protection! Light texture easily absorbable.

Vichy Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Patches

If you want to glow and refresh overnight, then Vichy Liftactiv Micro Hyalu Patches are here to help you! Imagine 160 microcones of pure hyaluronic acid penetrating your skin as you apply them under your eyes. Leave it on all night and look at your mirror again the next morning! Ideal for wrinkles and “goose’s foot”. Hyaluronate has low molecular weight and natural origin.

Korres Mask Damask Rose Overnight Anti-Fatigue

Another refreshing night experience promised by Korres Damask Rose Overnight Anti-Fatigue Mask! This is a sleep mask with Damascus rose extract, which gives a rest and glow overnight! Apply it, go to bed and let it do its job. Deals with fatigue and dull skin, restructures cells and smoothes the skin. Rinse in the morning and admire the result!

Lierac Lift Integral Masque

The perfect mask for special occasions! Lierac Lift Integral Masque comes to make a difference by tightening and toning your features immediately after use! Mahogany and purple tulip extracts activate collagen synthesis, while Hyalu-3 complex provides anti-aging and refining. Finally, the pearls it contains will complete the effect, giving you their unique glow. Try it and get all the looks on you!

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