5 + 1 Myths about coffee, the last one will surprise you!

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Coffee is a small detail that plays a big part in our daily lives! Over the years, as anything that catches our attention, myths began to wrap around the properties of coffee! What’s the truth behind them and what is really going on? We found the most common myths about coffee and shed some light on them!

Myth # 1: Coffee causes osteoporosis

Although some studies have shown that caffeine intake can increase urinary calcium loss, it is actually a small loss that does not affect bone density and calcium levels in the body.

Myth # 2: Coffee is a risk factor for cancer

There have been hundreds of studies conducted to investigate whether or not there is a link between coffee consumption and cancer development. The majority of scientific evidence shows that caffeine does not increase the risk of cancer. Indeed, many studies have argued that coffee’s antioxidants, which result from the roasting process, can have a positive effect as they reduce the levels of harmful free radicals in the body!

Myth 3: Coffee is forbidden in pregnancy

The tonic properties of coffee have led many to believe that consuming it during pregnancy can be hazardous. In fact, moderate caffeine consumption – about one cup of coffee a day – is safe for both the pregnant and the fetus.

Myth 4: Coffee increases cardiovascular risk

Large studies have shown that caffeine intake does not increase the risk for cardiovascular disease or cholesterol levels. The slight increase in blood pressure that can be observed in some with caffeine sensitivity is similar to that observed in mild exercise, such as climbing stairs. However, if you have hypertension, it is advisable to consult an expert on how much coffee you can drink during day.

Myth 5: Coffee helps us lose weight

This rumor came from the fact that coffee can increase our metabolism. However, it is a slight increase in metabolic rate, which is not capable of leading to fat burning and weight loss.

Myth 6: It’s hard to cut off coffee!

We will all agree that it is more of an idea in mind and for many refusing to let go of this small desire in their daily lives, however if one makes the decision, it is not so difficult to finally cut off coffee!

The fact that some people notice irritations such as headaches and drowsiness when they make the transition abruptly is easily countered by gradually reducing the amount they consume. Also a smart move is the intake of caffeine from other sources, such as tea or a hot mug of cocoa! Would you dare It?

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