Natural skin tanning that lasts

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   A tanned body is something that everyone loves during summer time. How can we get a natural, uniform tan by taking care also of our skin?

Choose the sun

   The natural way of tanning is the best solution for a tanned and shiny skin. With proper protection, the skin produces melanin, in order to protect itself from UV radiation. Solarium loads the skin with much more UVA rays. Although both solarium and the self-tanning products quickly offer you the desired effect, the skin tone (yellowish-brown) is not as beautiful as if there was a natural tanning from sun (golden skin).

Avoid peeling

  Although peeling is a key step on weekly skin care, if you want to keep your tanning for longer, avoid to do it often or choose a mild exfoliating product. The reason is that scrubs remove the surface cells that contain melanin. You should better prefer a gel or cleaning foam.

Hydration, before and after sun

   For a beautiful golden skin, appropriate hydration is a must. Choose a moisturizing body lotion that you’ll apply from the evening to your skin, thus skin will dehydrate less and maintain the necessary moisture throughout sun exposure. Very important is hydration of skin just after sun exposure. Aftersun products replenish skin’s moisture, relieve skin and accelerate skin tanning and melanin production.

 Enhance your nutrition with supplements that help you… tan

  There are many nutritional supplements in the market that enhance and help maintain tanning. Tanning formulas contain carotenoids like β-carotene, antioxidants, moisturizers, anti-aging oils as well as amino acids that participate and enhance skin tanning, provide anti-aging protection while moisturize and offer elasticity to the skin.

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