Sunburns, how to deal with them

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Summer dives, endless hours in the sun and sunburns become quite often during summetime. Despite constant warnings of dermatologists, irrational exposure to the sun has increased the incidence of skin sunburns. But how can we properly address this unpleasant summer consistency?

Definition of sunburns

 As sunburn is defined the skin damage caused by UVB radiation due to excessive exposure to the sun. It is an acute situation and sunburns are categorized according to the severity of damage caused to the epidermis. Visually, a burn may range from a skin redness to swelling with bubbles filled with serum, which are particularly painful. In extreme situations, sunburns may cause generalized complications such as dehydration, confusion, etc.

Addressing sunburns

 Since you have not been able to prevent sunburns and eventually you are burned, then you can take some the following steps in order to accelerate the procedure of skin regeneration, reduce inflammation and relieve skin from itching and dehydration.

  • Use moisturizing aftesun emulsions to compensate lost skin moisture and restore skin elasticity.
  • Use products based on aloe, which has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.
  • Use products based on yogurt or even plain yogurt as it shields skin’s moisture, relieving the sensation of burning.
  • Do not use moisturizing oils.
  • Increase the consumption of liquids and especially water.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun, until skin is completely restored.
  • Cover skin with cotton clothing, avoiding synthetic and very fitting clothing.
  • Apply compresses in the burned area, soaked with cold water, aloe or chamomile. Alternatively, you can apply saline.
  • In extreme cases, where there is inflammation, you can use creams with cortisone like action or creams with soothing action with aloe, calamine or calendula.

   Despite the plethora of products in the market for immediate relief and treatment of sunburn, prevention is still the best treatment! So besides from aftesun, be suitably equipped with sunscreens, hats and all the essential items that will ensure your safety and proper care of your skin.

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