Acne and sun, ally or enemy?

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acneAcne is one of the most common dermatological problems. A common question, now in summer, is whether sun is an ally or an enemy for pimples?

The effect of sun on acne

   Everyone wants a tanned skin and especially acne prone skins, as imperfections are greatly camouflaged. The fact is that UV radiation help in the production of melanin, which ameliorates skin appearance and covers skin imperfections. At first place, sun dries the skin, whick becomes less red, thus greasiness and inflammation of skin are reduced.

   However, prolonged exposure to the sun, without proper protection, leads right to the opposite effect. Sun causes hyperkeratosis to the skin, resulting in skin pores to be clogged. This reactively leads to greater sebum production, in order skin to balance dryness. As a result there is an overgrow of P. Acnes bacterium, the main cause of acne.

Protection of acne prone skin

   Oily and acne prone skin should use sunscreens specially designed with light compositions that do not burden the skin and are non-comedogenesis. Most sunscreens for acne skins have a seborrheic effect and help reduce skin’s greasiness. They have high to very high protection against UV radiation (SPF 30 and 50, respectivelly) and give a uniform appearance to the skin.

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