5 + 1 ways for beautiful and healthy soles

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Summer has come and it’s time to wear beautiful and open shoes. But how can we properly take of our feet and avoid problems that usually happen during the summertime, such as mycoses? Let’s take a look at some simple tips!



Soaking of legs is a quite enjoyable process. It helps the feet to relax, while also helps to prepare them for the next step of care. Soaking softens hard tissues, making them easier to be removed. You may also use foot salts, specially for foot bath.



Proper hydration of legs is necessary for beautiful and elegant feet. Cracked skin on the soles is a result of dry and dehydrated skin. When the skin becomes ferocious and begins to peel, small cracks begin to form due to dehydration and reduced skin elasticity. You can use restoring and moisturizing creams or balms in order to restore skin’s moisture.


Removal of calluses and stiffness

Calluses can be created either by unsuitable shoes or by the way that someone walks. As foot calfs may become worse over the years, it is advisable to regularly take care of them. For the removal of hardening tissues there are special scrapes that help along with softening creams to restore the skin.

Odor of foot and footwear

Foot odor is due to the development of fungals. It is important for the feet not to have moisture and to be clean. Use of cotton socks is better and if there is a bad smell it would be good to change them often. In any case, there are special sprays that help deodorize both legs and shoes, protecting them for up to 24 hours.

Nail care, fungal infections

Nail care is also very important. In order to prevent the occurrence of fungal infections, feet have to be dry and cool. It is very important to properly cut the nails and not to walk barefoot, especially when using shared bathrooms.

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