Terra Nova Cordyceps Rhodiola & Ginseng for athletic performance and endurance

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 Herbal extracts and superfoods can increase athletic performance and endurance in many ways, because they:

  • Increase aerobic capacity and oxygen use by the body
  • Reduce lactic acid and provide endurance
  • Prevent fatigue
  • Protect from oxidative stress and reduce recovery time
  • Act like natural adaprogenics providing concentration and stress reduction
  • Are natural stimulants providing healthy circulation
  • Are natural muscle relaxants

Terra Nova Cordyceps Rhodiola & Ginseng nutritional formula for athletes contains a unique combination of herbal extracts and superfoods for mental and physical toning.



   Is a mushroom that boosts metabolism and oxygen use by the body. Also regulates circulation and cellular energy production and increases energy levels. Can reduce fatigue and muscles lactic acid accumulation.

Rhodiola Root

   Is a herbal extract with adaptogenic properties against stress, that often occurs in athletes. Supports a healthy nervous system, provides concentration and prevents mental fatigue.

American Ginseng

   Is a natural adaptogenic with stimulant effects, that supports energy levels and can regulated blood glucose levels, and physical stress. Gives energy and han boost the immune system in athletes.

Avena Sativa (Green Oat Seed)

   Oat seeds can ameliorate concentration and mental performance in athletes.

Cayenne Fruit

   Is a natural stimulant that regulates circulation. Increases metabolism and respiratory rate and can reduce lactic acid levels, preventing that way fatigue.

Ginger Rhizome & Root

Ginger support healthy digestion and the absorption of calcium and magnesium, two nutrients that are essential for athletes.

Find Terra Nova Cordyceps Rhodiola & Ginseng in vita4you.gr for optimum athletic performance and endurance.


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