5+1 Reasons that worsen acne

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Acne is one of the most common dermatologic diseases worldwide. The majority of people, at some time in their lives, had acne. Although acne is interwoven with puberty, it can occur also in adults. What are the causes of acne and which reasons can make it worse?

Causes of acne

   Acne is a multifactorial disease and is caused by:

  • hormonal disorders
  • allergies
  • contamination by bacteria
  • heredity
  • medications
  • use oily cosmetics
  • anxiety
  • nutrition

Acne is more often among women because of different hormonal profile, premenstrual syndrome, due to pregnancy or menopause or due to stop using birth control pills.

Factors that aggravate acne


   Many people believe that fatty foods or foods with sugar, such as chocolate and sweets, can aggravate acne. However, there is insufficient scientific evidence for it. If you’ve noticed that certain food aggravate your acne, just limit down their consumption. Some studies indicate that diets of high glycemic load may adversely affect acne, so choose foods with a low glycemic index.

Cleansing products

   Oily or acne prone skin needs daily proper cleansing. But if you overdo it, then this can cause the opposite results. Frequent and excessive use of cleansing agents and inappropriate cleansing products, remove the necessary moisture of skin and facial oiliness, as a result, skin produces more sebum in order to balance it. Use exfoliating and cleansing products for acne prone skin, twice daily (morning – evening).

Skin cleansing methods

   It is advisable, when you clean your skin, to avoid use cloths, brushes or sponges because they are source of germs which can aggravate acne or any skin irritations. Wash gently your skin and always with clean hands. Choose gentle products without alcohol and soap, that does not dry out or irritate skin.


   Avoid use of oily cosmetics, like make up or powder. Additionally, avoid creamy based products, as they can clog pores. In any case, you should remove makeup at the end of your day.

Exposure to sun

   Sun tanning may cover skin imperfections, but the truth is that UV radiation actually worsens acne. Especially, in case of use of medicines based on retinoids, skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight. Always use sunscreen for acne prone and oily skin that protects your skin from harm, without aggravating acne.


   Acne prone skin may seem to be hydrated, because of excessive oiliness, but this may be misleading. Use daily moisturizing creams that don’t clog pores, either for acne prone skin or with the indication “noncomedogenic”.

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