Easter food guide

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 Easter is full of flavors and delicious recipes. However, during this period there two opposite situations, a strict fasting period of 40-days and gastronomic variety on Easter day.

   First, you should remember that taste is incompatible with overconsumption. Try everything but limit yourself to small bites, in order to enjoy them without remorse and guilts. Let’s look at some simple tips that will help us be on diet, without depriving ourselves while eating and drinking.

Strong start

   On Sunday morning have a full and hearty meal. Have a simple and everyday breakfast and give emphasis on lean foods. Between meals, eat fresh and dried fruits and drink plenty of fluids. This will supply you with energy and provide you satiety until the lunch.

Main meal

  At the lunch do not eat standing and do not nibble. Fill your plate only once with the following proportions, half plate with salad, one quarter of the dish with meat, cheese and eggs and the remaining quarter with garnishes and bread. This will will help you keep the variety, focusing in the right quantity.


   Alcohol is a valuable partner at the festive days, In order to avoid overconsumption, one simple trick is to delay the beginning of drinking. Additionally, you may put some ice cubes in your wine, thus you will make it last longer and will drink it more slowly. Remember also to drink plenty of water.

In order to better balance your meals and quantities of your food, may you should follow the expression “Eat like a king in the morning, like a prince at noon and like a poor man at the dinner.

Enjoy your meal and then enjoy!


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