6 + 1 Daily habits that ensure health, energy and well-being!

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It is quite often to forget to take care of ourselves in our effort daily to catch to do everything. Although we do know what we have to do in order to maintain our health, because of workload, stress and routine, often we omit some simple everyday things that ensure our health and give us energy.



The value of breakfast in our diet is quite known. Daily in order to save time we tend to skip breakfast something that leads to the opposite results. Breakfast serves to provide all the nutrients that have been consumed during the night, while also to supply body with energy that ensures a strong start of the day. Without having breakfast, you may feel hungry and stressed while also you slow down your metabolism.


Fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are the key element to longevity. Every day we should have at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables and to focus on variety of colors and species. Different colors mean that there different types of micronutrients that fortify our body.


Be physically active

A healthy body is a strong and functional body. Daily exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic, improves cardiovascular system and respiratory health and strengthens body, making it more functional for everyday activities.



Indeed, water is the source of life if you simply think that our body consists of water by 75%. Water is necessary for every biochemical reaction that takes place in our body, while also is quite important for maintaining youth of the skin. Consume at least 1,5-2lt of water and liquids, in general, in order to stay hydrated and cool!


Good personal hygiene

Cleanliness is half the nobility. To be healthy we have to ensure that we will not become ill! The daily and frequent hand washing is a precondition for staying healthy and unscathed towards the hundreds of germs that we come in contact every day. So, never neglect to wash your hands before, during and after any of your occupation.


Sufficient sleep

Daily we are on the run and in order to save time, we sleep less. Body needs some time to rest in order to be able to perform some basic functions, to synthesize molecules and hormones and to rectify faults that occur daily. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day and fill your body with energy and vitality.

Take care of your body

You should take care not only of your diet but also of your beauty. Book a massage, take care of your skin with creams and relax your body from tension and stress, making it strong, beautiful and relaxed.


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