Apthae: Face them naturally

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What are apthae?

   Are painfull mouth ulcers that affect the oral cavity. They are often in women, children and during pregnancy.


   Causes are unknown, and apthae is an auto-immune condition. There are some factors that are linked to apthae such as:

  • Heredity
  • Stress
  • Oral cavity injuries
  • Hormonal changes during menstrual cyrcle
  • Infections for viruses and bacteria
  • Allergies in food or in drugs
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Lack of b complex vitamins
  • Immune system debilitation
  • Smoking quit
  • Conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crown disease


   The main symptom of apthae is pain and inflammation, that can make eating and chewing difficult. Apthae are not contagious.


   Aphtae are generally healed by themselves in 1-3 weeks after onset. Therapeutic approach targets in reducing pain and to accelerate healing time. Topical action gels or solution, and drugs such as corticosteroids and anti-iflammatory are often used.

Tips for natural treatment

  • Apply oregano oil or honey topically
  • Use water with salt, cahmomile, sage, sodium bidarbonate or aloe vera for mouthrinses
  • Do not eat anything that can cause pain such as spicy, acidic and salty foods
  • Avoid topical antiseptics and antibiotics
  • Use only SLS free toothpaste
  • Choose natural topical application products that you can find in the pharmacy
  • Keep the area around thw apthae dry if possible

Caution! If the apthae does not heal within 3 weeks contact your doctor.


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