Healthy in 50s

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Who said that if you are older than 50 is difficult to stay active and full of energy? It is time for a new beginning by providing to your body everything in order to remain strong and healthy. Just, follow the next steps and focus to you!

Stay physically active

   Although many believe that sports is not for the elderly, instead many studies have shown that people who regularly exercise or do gymnastics despite the intensity of exercise, have many benefits both physically or spiritually.

  • Tip: So, take a walk or start a new physical activity that you love. By this, firstly you will have fun and secondly and more important, you will boost your heart, improve the functionality of your cardiovascular system and support bone health.

Eat Mediterranean

We live in a Mediterranean country, which enables us daily to have access to a variety of foods rich in nutrients. Many studies have revealed that Mediterranean diet contributes to the prevention and treatment of metabolic diseases, like obesity or even cancer.

  • Tip: Limit red meat and increase consumption of fish, fruits and vegetables.  A balanced Mediterranean diet will provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals to your body in the appropriate amounts.

Hang out and stay connected

   For some people, may a walk with friends and a small conversation seem boring or unimportant, but the truth is rather than that. It is has been observed that people over 50 years old are in high risk of depression and are hypotonic.

  • Tip: Find friends and go for a walk in order to be emotionally stable.

Sharpen your mind!

   Among the most common situations that occur after the age of 50, are dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and degeneration of brain cells. Many studies have shown that individuals whose minds stay agile, have succeeded to delay the onset or even prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Tip: Read a book and keep your mind alert.

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