5+1 not ordinary reasons for gaining weight

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 For a lot of people, maintaining a healthy weight seems to be a difficult and tedious process. Many times, although diet and lifestyle remains the same, the scale makes its own games and weight still goes up. What’s wrong with weight gain?

Lack of sleep

   Poor quality of sleep or even reduced sleep duration is associated with increased rates of obesity and weight gain. Frustration, because of lack of sleep, can lead us to nibble while also stress hormones can affect appetite and satiety.

Fluid retention

   Fluid retention is a very common reason for gaining weight. Just for keeping in mind, salty meals, junk foods and even menstrual cycle and ovulation can cause temporarily fluid retention.


   People who are very anxious or are under stress may experience an increase in weight. A common explanation for that is that stress hormones can cause food overconsumption and increase appetite, especially for sweets.

Antidepressants – Steroids

   Several medication treatments may affect your weight. Usual suspects are some antidepressants and cortisone. Such an impact is due to appetite deregulation, altered macronutrient metabolism while also because of fluid retention. After stopping the medication, weight will gradually returns to previous status.

Creatine supplementation

   Do you want to increase your muscle mass and improve athletic performance by taking a  creatine supplement? Do not be alarmed if you see your weight to go up. Creatine along with muscle mass, also increases total body water levels. This small increase in weight observed in such a case, will subside after some weeks you stop taking creatine supplements.


   Sex hormones regulate several metabolic processes. During and after menopause, many women notice a swift of body fat distribution, especially in the belly. This can be attributed to the changes of sex hormones’ levels, by giving you a wrong impression that you gained fat.


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