7 reasons to love the Mediterranean diet

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   Greece is a country of the Mediterranean Sea and one of the main representatives of the traditional Mediterranean diet.

 In the last decades, several dietary patterns have tried to prove that they successfully contribute to long term weight maintenance while also to general health. However, several meta-analyses have highlighted that Mediterranean diet is one the best dietary patterns regarding all aspects of health. Here find out 7 reasons that someone should choose Mediterranean diet as an everyday guide for eating.

Bread and stratches

   Mediterranean diet is one of the few dietary patterns that highlight the value of cereals and bread as a main component of the diet. In specific, cereals and starchy wholegrain foods are the basis of the Mediterranean pyramid. So forget strict diets that abolish carbohydrates and starchy products and enjoy a piece of bread.

Εxtra virgin olive oil

   Tasteless dishes without olive are anything but a traditional Mediterranean plate! A key element of cooking in the Mediterranean diet is the abundant use of extra virgin olive oil and olives. Rich in antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids, this natural vegetable fat enhances not only the taste but fortifies also health in general.

A glass of wine

   Unlike the most popular eating patterns, Mediterranean diet suggests moderate consumption of wine, especially red wine. Many studies have revealed the cardiovascular benefits of red wine while also provides antioxidant protection.

Flavors and food variety

   The Mediterranean pyramid is a mixture of different countries, cultures and flavors, which makes it stand out for the diversity of recipes and flavors.  If you are bored of eating all the same food switch to Mediterranean diet and enhance your cooking with different and surprisingly tasteful recipes.

Hunger no more

   Rich in fiber, soluble and insoluble, the Mediterranean diet helps to better and faster satiety, reduced appetite and better gastrointestinal health. This effect is due to high consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables that accompany every meal.

Weight loss and weight maintenance

   Recent meta-analyses have shown that Mediterranean diet can positively contribute to weight loss efforts while also can help to weight maintenance, in contrast with other more strict dietary patterns.

Strong heart and healthy life into old age

   Longitudinal studies have revealed that people that live across Mediterranean Sea not only live longer but also they share few chances of developing cardiovascular disease, cancer and other degenerative disorders. This effect is due to antioxidant and phytochemical components that are plenty in Mediterranean foods while also due to the proportion of macronutrients.

   Mediterranean diet is not only a way of eating but also a healthy way of living longer and healthier.


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