10 Health benefits of sex

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   Sex besides feeling good has many health benefits that you cannot imagine! Can sex make us healthier? The answer is yes.

1. Boosts the immune system and protects from and flu. People who have sex ofter have also higher levels of antibodies against viruses and germs.

2. Reduces hypertention. Sex regulates blood pressure and can prevent hypertention, especially when it is caused from stress.

3. Helps physical condition. During sex heart rate is increased and many muscles are used. So sex is concidered as exersice.

4. Helps the skin to look healthier. Sex increases microcirculation, while sweating refines pores. As a result the skin looks radiant and healthy.

5. Reduces risk for cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. Testosterone and estrogens are balanced during a regular sexual life, thus protecting heart and bones.

6. Acts as a natural pain-killer. Hormones that are released during sex reduce headache, osteoarthritis and waist pain.

7. Protects the prostate. Men that have sex at least 20 times per month are less likely to get prostate cancer.

8. Helps sleep and relaxation. After an orgasm, prolactine is released, a hormone that helps sleepness.

9. Acts against stress and depression. During sex are released a lot of hormones that cause euphoria and good mood, reducing anxiety.

10. Offers longevity. A regular and intense sexual life offers more years of life in both men and women.


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