Water retention: Get rid of it naturally

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Water retention is a common condition, especially in women, that can increase weight increment and undesirable swelling.

What is water retention?

   As water retention is defined every condition in which the body retains more sodium and water that needed. Usual symptoms of water retention are sudden weight increment and swelling in legs and belly.

What are the causes of water retention?

   There are many causes that can force the body to retain water, including diet, physical activity, health state, pathological conditions and drug intake.

   The role of the diet is basic because increased salt consumption and low potassium intake can, in combination with low water intake can force the body to retain more water.

   Also bad blood and lymphatic circulation can cause water retention and cellulite.

   In patients with heart and renal problems, water retention occurs often and it is faced form the doctor with diuretic drugs. Hormonal and thyroid imbalances, as well as polycystic ovarian syndrome are conditions that water retention also occurs. Drugs for the heart, for depression, and also oral contraceptives and cortisone can make water retention worse.

   Hormones and especially estrogen imbalances force the body to retain water. For that reason water retention is usual before menstrual period and during pregnancy. Both conditions are impermanent and abate gradually.


   Small changes in daily diet and physical activity can reduce swelling effectively.

  • Reduce table salt and processed food. Add fresh herbs and use salt substitutes.
  • Do not eat sugar, because it causes insulin levels and sodium retention.
  • Consume a lot of water. Water is crucial for fluid balance. Decreased water intake can worse retention.
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables with high water content such as watermelon, cucumber, strawberries and celery. They have natural diuretic action.
  • Do not consume alcohol. Better choose water, fresh juice and herbal beverages.
  • Exercise can improve blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Move and avoid sedentary life.
  • Choose natural nutritional supplements and herbs with diuretic action.

   In healthy individuals water retention is faced effectively with diet and physical activity changes. If swelling is persistent or is getting worse better seek for medical advice. Also individuals with heart and renal problems, chronic patients and women during pregnancy must seek for medical advice only for water retention treatment.

Herbs for water retention

    Diuretic herbs such as solidago, betula, nettle, parsley, dandelion, juniper, cherry stalk, and horsetail help the body to excrete naturally excessive sodium and water.

   Green coffee and green tea are rich in natural antioxidant flavonoids that lower water retention and force body detox. Natural flavonoids such as hesperidin and also vitamins A,D and evening primrose oil GLA can reduce water retention effectively.

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