Undoubtedly a shiny a smooth skin it’s something lovely. The summer came to an end and it’s time to moisture and take care of our skin.

Value of hydration

  Skin’s hydration is one of the most important step of facial skincare. When skin is properly hydrated can cope far better dirt or sun exposure. Especially after the summer or winter, skin has a greater need for hydration.


  Skin consists of several layers and is the first line of defense of our bodies. The deepest and most important layer is the so-called “core” layer, which renews the skin cells (keratinocytes). Stratum corneum, which is the outer layer of skin that is in contact with the environment, consists mainly of dead keratinocytes.

  The stratum corneum is surrounded by a hydrolipid layer which function like natural barrier of the skin against moisture loss and provides increased elasticity. It is composed of sebum, water, lipids. Disruption of the balance of lipids and skin water significantly affects the consistency hydrolipid layer causing the skin to lose its natural role of a barrier and becomes more fragile and permeable to allergens.

Hydration for all

  Skin hydration is not a concern only for people who have dry skin. The first and last step of proper skin care is to maintain the balance of the above mentioned hydrolipid layer, so that the skin remains supple and hydrated.

  With aging, skin gradually loses its elasticity. Collagen fibers in the skin harden causing skin to lose consistency and firmness. Inadequate hydration accelerates the aging and appearance of wrinkles. Over time, the skin loses its ability to maintain balanced the hydropilid layer, thus, it is required to offer alla the necessary nutrients to the skin by just using a good moisturizing facial creams.

  Factors that influence hydration of the skin are:

  • Age – Menopause (hormones)
  • Atmospheric pollutants
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Smoking
  • Climate
  • Sex
  • Lifestyle
  • Inadequate skin care (cleaning, hydration)

1st step, facial wash

  The first and most important step to achieve good hydration of the skin, is to apply the moisturizing cream on a clean skin. Skin daily is loaded with dust and pollutants that clog skin’s pores, making it difficult oxygenation and cell renewal.

A good facial cleanser:

  • respects pH of the skin
  • removes dead cells and impurities
  • does not dehydrate skin

2nd step, moisture

A good moisturizing cream offer

  • Deep hydration
  • Enable cell renewal
  • Anti-aging action – antioxidant properties
  • Strengthening natural production of collagen and elastin
  • Increase elasticity and firmness

  In trade there is a great variety of creams and facial moisturizers that serve the main and fundamental need of the skin to maintain hydrated the skin barrier. Let’s get to know them!

 Hyaluronic Acid

  It is a natural component of skin and is one of the most powerful moisturizing ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is produced naturally by the skin, but the production gradually decreases with aging. It has the capacity to absorb water thereby maintaining skin moisture.

  There are several forms of hyaluronic acid. Depending on the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid (chemical structure), it can penetrate with ease in the skin, thereby achieving hydration at all levels. The smaller molecular weight is, the more easily absorbed. Thanks to its ability to adsorb water, also helps greatly in filling skin wrinkles in anti-aging facial products.


  Antioxidant vitamins have the ability to neutralize free radicals thereby protect skin against oxidative stress and aging. Moisturizing creams mainly use vitamin E. Additionally to nourishing the skin, vitamin E has been found to have also anti-aging properties and delay the onset of wrinkles.


  Peptides are essentially proteins that result from a sequence of amino acids and may be either natural or synthetic. The main property of the peptides is their ability to bind moisture particles and to assist in communication of skin cells.


  Panthenol belongs to the vitamin B complex. It has been widely used in moisturizing cosmetic products because it has strong healing and soothing properties. It is easily absorbed and penetrates even in the deeper layers of the skin. It is one of the safest ingredients and significantly improves the texture and moisture of the skin, especially if it is sensitive and irritated (trauma, burns, etc).

  As each age has its own needs for hydration and nourishment, we suggest you to try the moisturizing facial creams of Frezyderm which are adapted to the needs of every skin type!

Frezyderm Moisturizing 24h Cream (20+) 50 ml. Moisturizer for young skin. Suitable for face and neck. It contains 3 different plant extracts that penetrate skin offering deep hydration. It also contains molecules of ceramides and cholesterol which give prolonged hydration to skin and tripeptides and antioxidants for protection against aging and free radicals.

Frezyderm Moisturizing Plus Cream (30+) 50 ml. A complex and unique blend of three types of hyaluronic acids, each of different molecular weight, work together to hydrate all three levels of the skin. While active fig ingredients and herbal extracts provide relief and anti-oxidant protection. It contains herbal extracts and active fig ingredients for prolonged hydration, tetrapeptides for anti-aging protection and herbal extracts and vitamin E for antioxidant protection of the skin.

Frezyderm Moisturizing Rich Cream (45+) 50 ml. The rich face and neck cream provides intensive hydration to dry and dehydrated mature skin. Daily use strengthens and improves skin structure, increasing the density and tone of thin, fragile skin and preventing wrinkles.  It contains two types of hyaluronic acid, in combination with normal hydrating agents and collagen which give deep and prolonged hydration to the skin. The aging properties of the cream is based on tetrapeptide-9 and isoflavones. Oil extracts of avocado, Crambe Abyssinica along with emollient esters enhance the hydrolipidic layer of the skin, increasing elasticity and firmness.

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