The improvement of performance and muscular strength is of great importance for athletes, especially when it has to do with anaerobic sports and activities. Arginine and ornithine are among supplements that have been studied for their beneficial role in athletic performance.

   Arginine is a nonessential amino acid, precursor of creatine. Synthesized in the human body takes part in detoxification of body from toxic ammonia. As amino acid is involved in many biochemical processes such as cell proliferation, protein synthesis, immune system, male reproductive capacity, vasodilation of veins and increase muscle mass.

   Ornithine is also a non-essential amino acid, which is involved in the metabolism of proteins, immune system and liver function while also helps the action of several enzymes that promote increase of muscle tissue. Moreover, ornithine participates in the production of urea cycle as being a precursor of many hormones. The activity of ornithine is enhanced by the concomitant use of arginine.

Supplements arginine – ornithine

  Combination of ornithine and arginine in supplements is believed to:

  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Ιncrease lean body mass
  • Mobilize burning of stored fat
  • Indirectly stimulate protein synthesis
  • Cause vasodilation

  All the aforementioned actions seem to be enhanced when people are in an anaerobic workout program. The action of arginine and ornithine is that both amino acids contribute to the release of growth hormone. Growth hormone is an anabolic hormone and one of its main actions is that stimulates protein synthesis and thus leads to increase of muscle mass, while simultaneously mobilizes fat burning.
Many studies have shown that the supplemental use of arginine – ornithine affects brain pituitary thus stimulates growth hormone’s release (GH) in serum, even without prior training. In addition to growth hormone, as arginine and ornithine helps vasodilation of blood vessels (increasing NO), thereby improve nutrient delivery to peripheral muscles, thus contributing to a faster muscle recovery in athletes.

Recommended dosage

Taking supplements of arginine – ornithine it would not be done in parallel or before exercise. In people with increased protein intake, arginine and ornithine may not be very beneficial. In addition, high doses may cause gastrointestinal disorders, such as stomach pain or diarrhea. The daily intake of arginine up to 1-2gr and ornithine up to 0,5-1gr is safe.

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