Coffee substitutes and their nutritional value

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Coffee substitutes are mixtures derived from plant components. They are beverages which taste resembles coffee taste, provide energy to the body, however, they do not contain any caffeine.

   Coffee substitute are consisted from several seeds, roots and plants such as chicory root, figs, barley, wheat, malt, carob, beet, rye, oak and molasses (roots and/or fruits). They create usually instant drinks but there are also in market filter or espresso drink mixtures. The taste is quite similar to the coffee and they have a rich and full of flavor.


   The main benefits of coffee substitutes are that they do not cause the unpleasant effects of caffeine beverages, are suitable for children and can be consumed any time of the day. Additionally, they are suitable for vegetarians and people who do homeopathy.

Nutritional value

   Because coffee substitutes are based on natural components, their nutritional value is very high. They are rich in fibers, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Most of them have diuretic and antioxidant action or depending on their composition may have some additional properties, such as chicory root and millet assist digestion and guarana provides energy and stimulation.

   In recent years it has been a shift towards natural products and homeopathy. Although several studies recently highlight the positive effects of caffeine in health, the modern way of life often requires consumption of large quantities of coffee in a day (> 3 servings). Caffeine may cause some unpleasant effects like nervousness, irritability, gastrointestinal disorders, high pressure and also may cause addiction. In order to avoid all these unpleasant effects, many people choose decaffeinate products, although their preparation method is quite doubtful, because of chemicals that are used to remove caffeine. In order to fulfill this gap, coffee substitute from natural ingredients became a need.


The majority of coffee substitute can be used even by children and pregnant women except those containing guarana. Ideal for people with

  • Insomnia
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Stomach disorders
  • Nervousness – excitability
  • Irritability

   Moreover, they can be mixed with some typical coffee for those who wish to reduce the dose of caffeine intake without depriving the flavor. So if you want to decrease the intake of caffeine from your diet and you are captivated by their special flavor, you only have to find your own special coffee substitute.


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