Chlorella for protection from toxins and free radicals

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Chlorella is a small green algae, which is considered as a superfood, due to its nutrient content and health benefits.

  Chlorella is very rich in proteins of high nutrition quality and also 19 amino acids, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, b complex vitamins, phosphorus, beta carotenes, and lutein. Is the most richest plant source of antioxidant chlorophyll, and also contains vitamin B12 and omega 3 fatty acids

Chlorella properties

Main chlorella properties are body detox, alkalization, and free radicals protection.

Body detox and alkalization

   Chlorella detoxifies the body from heavy metals such as chromium, zinc, mercury and lead that accumulate through nutrition. Binds the toxins and removes them from the body naturally thought the intestine. Also chrolofyll accelerates the blood detox. Studies have been shown that chlorella contains RNA and DNA, that protects the body from ultraviolet radiation.

   Another important property of chlorella is that offers pH alkalization in the body and liver detox, similar to those of milk thistle. Removes alcohol and toxins from the liver and promotes cellular renewal.

Toning and energy

   Chlorella is a good source of proteins, vitamins and metals. Is ideal for athletes, vegeterians and for those that do not cover their nutritional needs through their daily diet. Chlorella supplements provide energy and toning. Chlorella boosts the immune system as well as the metabolism, and increases hemoglobin levels, protecting from anemia.

Antioxidant cellular protection

   Due to its high antioxidant action, chlorophyll protects the body cells from free radicals and ageing. Also can be beneficial for smokers, as can reverse some of the smoking negative impacts.

Obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome

   Studies have been shown that chlorella can reduce body fat and blood glucose levels, as well as glycosylated hemoglobin. Can also prevent metabolic syndrome effects and insulin resistance, in pre-diabetic stage. Chlorella reduces LDL cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Weight loss

   Chlorella regulates the metabolism and the endocrine system, offering weight loss properties. Also increases satiety and is ideal for those that are prone to binge eating.

Digestive system

   Chlorella facilitates digestion and intestinal operation. Is beneficial for irritable bowel syndrome, and for constipation. Also increases beneficial probiotic microflora and absorption of nutrients.

Chlorella dosage

   Chlorella is available in tablets, capsules and in powder. Suggested daily dosage for adults is 3-5 grams. Tablets and capsules must be taken according to manufacturer’s instructions.

   Chlorella powder can be added in vegetable soups, in juices and in smoothies.

Chlorella side effects

   Chlorella contains vitamin K and must be avoided from those that take anticoagulant drugs. Do not take chlorella during pregnancy and lactation, or if you suffer from lupus, multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Chlorella intake can cause photosensitivity and high sun protection sunscreen must be used.

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