Easter, time to keep your silhouette

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The fasting period of Lent is coming to an end and the Easter’s Sunday table will be full of flavor and rich in calories foods. In order to avoid express diets after, there are some simple and easy tips that you may do in order to retain your silhouette, without sacrificing the culinary delights of Easter.

  • If you choose to consume foods without olive oil and animal proteins, as traditional fasting demands, then choose to enrich your diet with nuts, seeds and plenty of fruits and vegetables in order to increase your satiety.
  • On Sunday morning you should start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast. Avoid pastries, brioche and cookies and choose dairy products in combination with whole grain cereals. By this you will have a strong start of your day.
  • Do not forget the brunch! Choose fruit juices or fruits instead of sweet snacks. Fruits contain fibers that will offer you satiety and thus you will be less hungry at your lunch.
  • No one can resist at the delicious foods of the Easter’s table. Put at the half of your dish abundant salad. Then divide the rest of your plate in two parts. In the first quarter put foods that contain protein like meat or cheese and in the second quarter of your plate put foods that contain carbohydrates, like bread, rice or potatoes. By this, you will have a balanced diet.
  • Although alcohol is a very good friend in such occasions, it hides a lot of calories and you may lose control. Drink plenty of water and avoid soft drinks. Start your meal with a drink without calories like tonic or soda and then continue with the drink of your choice.
  • If you wish to eat sweets, then preferably let it be your evening meal. Avoid sweets rich in fat such as cakes and tarts and prefer sweets based on sugar like ice cream.



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