Weight loss without dieting!

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Many people want to lose weight, but the sound of the word “diet” discourage them! Apart from an organized diet plan, which undoubtedly contributes to weight loss, there are many important tips to do in order to lose your excess weight without having to be on a strict diet program:shutterstock_252161002_low_600x400.jpg
xronometrhste_ta_geumata300x200_b.jpg1) Time your meals

The duration of a meal is important for the quantity consumed. Make sure that your meal lasts at least 20 minutes. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite! By giving time to your meal, the signals of satiety from the stomach and intestine inform the brain that you are full and so you will not consume extra amount of food than don’t really need.

2) Sleep more, weight less

Several studies have shown that sleep duration is associated with obesity. Usually people who sleep less tend to have more sedentary life or they are picky eaters. Thereby, thay consume more calories than they really need or would consume if they have slept little longer. Furthermore, several studies indicate that the reduced period of sleep significantly affects the levels of hormones that regulate appetite and satiety.

frouta_kai_laxanika_300x200.jpg3) Serve more, eat more veggies

The increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, when they replace other food of the diet, has been found to greatly facilitate weight loss. The reason is that fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers, thus offering more direct satiety with much smaller amount, especially if accompanied by abundant water consumption.

4) When soup’s on, weight come off

If you don’t love water, you can choose a soup as a starter together with a salad, and then to continue with your main meal. In this way, you consume significantly fewer calories during a meal, while you don’t feel hungry!

olikis_alesis_300x200.jpg5) Go for whole grains

Whole grain products due to their fiber content, significantly increase satiety and thus weight loss. Furthermore, because whole grains have a low glycemic index, they lead to a gradual increase of postprandial glucose levels, and reduce the need for eating something sweet, which often occurs when consumed refined products.

6) Cut back on sugar

The majority of drinks that we consume everyday contain big amounts of sugar. Individuals who consume herbal teas, soft drinks and beverages containing sugar, can significantly reduce intakes calories simply by replacing them with corresponding products such as sweeteners (stevia, saccharin, etc.)

piato_300x200.jpg7) Shrink your dishes

Research shows that people who eat a big plate, tend to have a delayed satiety while also eat a lot more. Besides, it is not accidental that the first expression is pleasant to the eye and then the stomach. Use small plates and sip your favorite drink in a tall narrow glass. In this way you get the feeling that you have normally eaten your meal, and at the same time you greatly reduce the amount that you consume.

8) Limit alcohol

One gram of alcohol yields about 7 kcal per gram. In your social obligations that you have to go out and you want to drink alcohol, just add at your first drink a non-alcoholic drink (eg sparkling water). This will delay and reduce alcohol intake!

green_tea_leaves_300x200.jpg9) The green power of nature

Many studies have highlighted some food for their beneficial effects in terms of weight loss. Green tea and green coffee affect the body’s metabolism and fat burning ability, and increase thermogenesis. As a result the body burns more calories and easier uses stored fat. Recently it has emerged the effect of forskolin, an active compound that helps fat loss while impacting in the sense of hunger.

10) Burn more calories

Apart from muscle tonning and strengthening, exercise helps significantly weight and fat loss. Aerobic exercise increases fat burning and anaerobic exercise increases muscle mass, as well as, the basic metabolism. The result is, easier slimming and a more powerful body!

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