Tips for a radiant smile

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Nobody can resist to a shiny and healthy smile! While frequent washing, the use of mouthwash and interdental brushes help to retain oral hygiene, diet seems to play an important role too.

Foods to choose:

Calcium is the most important body mineral, most of which is stored in bones and teeth. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin which is also involved in dental health. Inadequate intake of calcium and vitamin D, weakens the tooth enamel making it susceptible to corrosion.

– Sufficient fluorine intake is essential for dental health, that is why all dental care products are fluoride enriched.

– Crispy foods (like apple, pear, carrot) help removing plaque and food debris, because they act like natural toothbrush.

Foods to avoid:

 – Sweet foods containing sugar create fertile ground for the development of caries. Sugar is the food of dental bacteria, so sugar breakdown generates acids that erodes the enamel.

 – Acidic fruit and juices are detrimental for tooth enamel by making it thinner and weak. Acidic foods are grapes, wine, orange, lemon and strawberries.

 – Candies and dried fruits penetrate and attach to the tooth surface, making difiicult to be removed, thereby they develop caries.


  • Acidic foods should be consumed quickly and teeth should be washed 30 minutes after.
  • The acidic juices it is advisable to consume them with straw in order to minimize contact with teeth.
  • Foods that contain sugar it is advisable to eat all together and brushing teeth as soon as possible after receiving them.
  • Use sweeteners instead of sugar, which do not cause caries development.
  • Wash teeth 2-3 times a day with a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash.
  • Make use of interdental brushes or interdental thread.

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