Sleep: Our ally for young skin!

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Everybody knows how important rest is for life. Most of us think that sufficient sleep is a privilege of weekend, but it should be a highly priority of our daily life. Sleeping, apart from providing us relaxation, is also one of the best ways of anti-aging.

During sleep, our skin cells are activated and toxins that ammulate in daytime, are released now. Besides, at night collagen and elastine are produced. They are the two proteins that keep aour skin elastic.

Skin cells are renewed sufficiently between 12.00-4.00 am in the morning. For this reason we should have a stable hours for sleeping. It would be ideal if we could sleep between 10.00 pm-6.00 am or at least go to bed before midnight.

Night creams play a major role in our skin health. Most of them are richer that day creams and offer deep nourish during sleep. They keep skin hydrated and elastic for many hours.

Many night creams contain vitamins A, E and C. They are components that our skin take advantage if we use them during night, because their exposion to daylight or wind reduces dramatically their action. So, try to find a night cream that contains at least two of these products.

For even better sleep take a bath with laventer essential oils and drink something hot!


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