Period Pains: Face it naturally

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Most women trouble at some level in their lifetime or even every month from period pains and so they turn very easily to strong painkillers, without trying first something else. These pains are due to uterine contractions and might come along with nausea, headaches, faintness, back pain etc. What can we do to face it easily?

1. Heat

Heat plays an important role in period. If you dress light, walk barefoot or spent many hours outdoors, it is very likely those symptoms to become more intense. So:

· Put a warmer (pad) on the belly, back or use a heating patch for such cases.
· Try a warm relaxing bath using essential oil of levanter.
· Drink a hot valerian tea 1-2 nights before period and sleep many hours.

2. Phytotherapy

Nature provides us plenty of herbal choices for every case. In period women can be helped with antispasmodic and tonic herbs cimicifuga, dioscorea, viburnum and anemone. You may also use a mix of them. When besides pain you are also nervous, try saint John’s wort or dong quai.

3. Homeopathy

Depending on the kind of pain, your homeopathic might suggest:
· Chamomile
· Nux vomica
· Colocynthis
· Veratrum album
· Actea racemosa

4. Nutrition

Many nutritionists suggest reduction of sugars, fats, red meats and coffee. Supplements that might help are Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, Evening primrose oil and Gamma linoleic acid.

5. Juice Therapy

Michael Murrey, physiopathic suggests juice from:

· 2 apples
· 2 stalks of celery
· 1 fennel bulb

Celery and fennel are rich in phytoestrogens that reduce discomfort. Pineapple juice contains large quantities of bromelain, an enzyme with muscle relaxant action.

So, there are many natural ways to reduce period pains, without drug killers. We have nothing but to try them!


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