Fever, the natural defence

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      Fever is the increase of body’s temperature. Fever is accompanied by headache, shiver, pain, tachycardia and sweating. Fever is the body’s natural defence towards proliferation of viruses, fungi and bacteria that threaten health.

What happens when the temperature of body rises? Fever

  1. hampers the development of viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  2. increases the activity of macrophages. Macrophages are blood cells that migrate into tissues which are infected with pathogens and contribute to their extermination.
  3. produces immune cells and immunoglobulins. Immunoglobulins bind to specific antigens or toxic invaders and neutralize their adverse effects.
  4. promote the production of  Inteleukin1 – IL1 (transmitters proteinaceous secreted by the body to help the body’s immune system).
  5. increases the activity of catabolic enzymes. Catabolic enzymes help to microbial degradation and thus in the inhibition of proliferation.

Visit the doctor if the fever

  • lasts more than 4 days
  • is over 39.5o C
  • is accompanied with stiff neck or severe headache
  • is accompanied with back pain and sputum with blood
  • is accompanied with abdominal pain, pain during urination or blood in urine
  • coexists with diabetes or cardiovascular disease

How do we treat a fever?

   Never administer antipyretics! The administration of antipyretics block the self-healing mechanisms of body. Treatments with antibiotics destroy gut friendly bacteria and lead to constipation and chronic diseases (colitis, Crohn’s disease). It is quite necessary after each administration of antibiotics to be administered probiotics to restore disturbed intestinal flora.

   Herbs that are recommended for fever are mainly diaphoretic. The diaphoretic herbs increase the amount of perspiration and favors the elimination of toxins and cleanse body. They have energizing and healing properties and enhance the body’s ability for self-healing. The most useful herbs are angelica, eupatorium, nepeta, cayenne, mint, thyme and achillea. The Ayurveda is a drink with 1/2 tsp coriander, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp ginger powder in a cup of hot water. Allow 10 minutes and drink without straining.


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