Monoi oil for your beauty!

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    Monoi oil is an outstanding scented oil which is produced in French Polynesia and has a certified designation of origin.

  It is a blend of gardenia’s flowers and coconut oil. The refined fragrance of Monoi oil is due to gardenia’s blossoms which are collected during the night, while the coconut oil is derived from the core of coconut seed. It has very good cosmetic properties and is rich in linoleic and omega 3-6-9 essential fatty acids.

  Monoi oil is an excellent moisturizing product both for face and body. It has the ability to moisturize deeply the skin surface while the continuous use can help the epidermal cells to restore their natural hydrolipid balance. Additionally, Monoi oil is quite known as very good anti-inflammatory product, especially when it is applied in irritated skin. Because of these properties, Monoi oil can be used by people who suffer from itch, especially from the olders.

  The Monoi oil can be used either for face, body or hair, mainly during the summer period. Although Monoi oil can be used before sunbathing in order to prevent dehydration of skin and hair, it does not substitute the use of sunscreen. However, Monoi oil can promote the action of sunscreen by improving even the texture or the sunscreen effect.

  For proper use, at first take a hard sponge and scrub your skin starting from your feet, in order to stimulate the microcirculation and the lymphatic system of your body. Then, you can apply the oil to whole body and have a shower. By this, you can stay hydrated while you protect your skin from chlorinated water, during the shower.

  Moreover, monoi oil either alone or with the addition of laurel’s oil can be used as a hair mask, by giving a natural glow to dull and damaged hair. It is believed that the glossy hair of women of the French Polynesia is the result of everyday use of Monoi oil.

  In room temperature (24ο C), the Monoi oil is becoming solid, because of its high concentration in coconut oil. You can reverse the oil’s texture to its initial liquid status, by just warming it up for some minutes in hot water (bain maire).

  The authentic product “Monoi de Tahiti®” has the picture of Tiare blossom and bear the name of authenticity: MONOI DE TAHITI APPLELLATION D’ORIGINE.


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