10 Diet Tips for Breast Health!

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Breast health is definitely a concern for every woman today! As prevention is known to be the best cure, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 key points a woman should focus on in her diet for better breast health!

1.Find the good fats!

Focus on foods rich in good fats, such as walnuts, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel, tuna, etc.) and of course don’t forget about extra virgin olive oil! Pay attention to their quality and origin.

Indeed, as published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, taking fish oil supplement for 10 years was associated with a reduced risk for breast cancer, especially for ductal carcinoma. Avoid saturated and trans fats found mainly in red meat, fried and fast food, cheese, pastries, biscuits, and more.

2.Increase Fiber

Fiber has been found to help reduce estrogen in the body, which seems to be associated with some forms of breast cancer when their levels in the body arise. So increase fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

3.Drink your coffee!

 Although many have been searching to find out what is really going on with coffee consumption, so far no link has been found to breast cancer. On the contrary, it has been shown by relevant studies that coffee reduces the likelihood of the disease in postmenopausal women!

4.Foods rich in Vitamin D

Among the many benefits of Vitamin D, is its link with breast health! Find the fatty fish mentioned above, as D- a fat-soluble vitamin – is abundant in them. Also good sources are foods fortified with it, like some yogurts and orange juices. But let’s not forget its most important source: the sun!

5.Find the flavonoids!

This is a group of phytochemicals, the consumption of which increases the chances of good breast health! Discover the most important in the following foods:

  • Flavonols: onions, broccoli, tea, brussels sprouts, leeks
  • Flavones: parsley, celery, thyme, artichoke
  • Anthocyanins: purple cabbage, cherries, berries, eggplant

6.Carotenoids in yellow and orange

Another useful group of phytochemicals comes to color our diet! Find carotenoids in foods with yellow, orange, and even dark green color. Put carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, candalupe, spinach, kale and more on your plate.

7.Cooking right counts!

Choosing the right foods sometimes is not enough! Cooking the right way will determine how many nutrients will reach our body! Avoid prolonged cooking at high temperatures, frying, and over-boiling food, because in this case valuable items get lost. Increase raw fresh salads and steamed vegetables!

8.Antioxidants for cell protection

Valuable antioxidants protect our cells from free radicals! The more colors on your plate, the more antioxidants. Add to your diet a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs and of course precious garlic!

9.Avoid weight gain

Even if it seems impossible for you, and you feel that with age you will be overweight, try to avoid it. Put exercise into your daily routine and take care of yourself. Think of your every choice and take your weight in your hands! If you find it difficult, don’t hesitate to ask help from an expert, since obesity is a risk factor for many diseases, including breast cancer.

10.Stay true to the Mediterranean diet!

By far the best choice for our health, Mediterranean Diet is the key pillar you can have as a guide to achieve all of the above! Let’s go back to what our grandparents ate and we will have made the best investment for our health.

Try to follow these valuable tips and make small changes in your life and diet daily. Even more important is our psychology! Look at the glass half full and reconcile with yourself!

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