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Fluid Retention

   Water retention is a situation in which the body retain more sodium and water than required, especially in the belly and lower legs. Can caw undesirable swelling and weight gain.

   Water retention can be caused by increased salt consumption, low nutritional potassium intake, bad blood and lymphatic circulation, pathological issues (renal, cardiac, circulative, hormonal). Also water retention is usual during the premenstrual syndrome and during pregnancy.

   Proper diet and physical activity, acan reduce fluid retention symptoms. Low salt and sugan consumption, and high water, and potassium intake are essential for fluid balance. Also daily physical activity and reduction of sedentary habits can be very helpful.

   Natural nutritional supplement with green tea, green coffee and diuretic herbs, such as solidago, betula, nettle, parsley, dandelion, juniper, cherry stalk, horsetail can help proper fruid balance.

   In healthy subjects water retention can be easily be treated with diet and physical activity changes. Refer to a doctor is fluid retention symptoms are persistent or getting worse. Also women during pregnancy and individuals with chronic or pathologic conditions must treat water retention only with theri doctor's advice.

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A.Vogel Calendula complex 50 ml

A combination of cleansing herbs

15,84 €
19,80 €

Arkocaps Green Tea 45 caps

Increases metabolism and weight loss

9,45 €
13,12 €

Arkocaps Pineapple 45 caps

Reduces cellulite and helps lipolysis

9,45 €
13,12 €

Arkocaps Pineapple 90 caps

Reduces cellulite and helps lipolysis

15,64 €
21,72 €

Cosval Bilium Dren 45 tabs

Herbal formula for body detox and water retention

16,41 €
21,88 €

Evolution Slimming EvoTea Teatox 30 tea bags

natural teatox infusion with Green Tea, Dandelion & Peppermint

27,78 €
34,72 €

Evolution Slimming Green Coffee 2000 mg 90 caps

Green coffee bean extract for fat and weight loss

17,86 €
22,32 €

Evolution Slimming Green Coffee Svetol 4000 mg 60 caps

Green coffee bean extract with 50% chlorogenic acid

28,77 €
35,96 €

Evolution Slimming Green Tea Extra Strength 10000 mg 60 caps

Ιδανικό συμπλήρωμα για την απώλεια βάρους

19,84 €
24,80 €

FLAT GOLD για επίπεδη κοιλιά 24caps

Τρόφιμο ειδικής διατροφής για τη διατήρηση της επίπεδης κοιλιάς.Βοηθά στη ...

10,80 €
13,50 €

Forte Pharma Turbo Detox 500 ml

Detoxifies and reduces water retention

12,10 €
24,20 €

Forte Pharma Turboslim Drink 500 ml Peach

Slimming drink that reduces water retention

24,20 €

Forte Pharma Turboslim Drink 500 ml Raspberry

Slimming drink that reduces water retention

24,20 €

Health Aid Aquaflow 60 tabs

Detoxifying herbs that reduce fluid retention

10,54 €
19,16 €

Health Aid Cellusite 60 tabs

Formula for removal of toxins from the body and reduction of cellulite

11,09 €
22,18 €
Results 1 - 15 of 64
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